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Eddington Consulting is a Telecommunications and Information Technology consulting company offering technology and business strategy solutions to major public sector organizations in all levels of government, education, hospitals and healthcare, as well as many private sector companies and not-for-profit organizations.

With over twenty years’ experience as independent consultants, working with over 100 organizations, Eddington Consulting takes a fair and independent approach to managing a project:

  • As an emeritus member of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC) http://www.sctcconsultants.org/ we attest to the SCTC Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and offer vendor-independent, unbiased advice.
  • We seek the best long-term solutions by considering all issues and all requirements.
  • Place equal emphasis on people, process and technology.
  • Ensure staff is brought up to date on current technology and future options.
  • Provide ongoing transfer of knowledge to staff.
  • Consistently deliver on time and on budget.

We have no pre-conceived solutions. We assist our clients to formulate strategies and implement changes to achieve those strategies. This means identifying the unique nature of each business requirement, selecting the best solution from among many alternatives and implementing the best solution on a scale and in a manner appropriate to the need.

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